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BHC loves Pine pollen !

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Pine pollen is an amazing herb which has been used in Chinese medicine for around 1500 years. The pollen from pine holds a lot of nutrients and could be consider a natural multivitamin. But right now, pine pollen is most famous for its testosterone boosting benefits. When taken in powder form you get a lot of the vitamin and antioxidants but to really get the benefits from the Phyto -androgens you need an alcohol extract. This is because of that the androgens have low water solubility and that they must bypass the digestion system. With an alcohol extract taken directly under the tongue you will get instant absorption into the bloodstream via the many thin capillaries and blood vessels there. To get maximum benefits from pine pollen I use both powder and tincture. This gives me a both a vitamin and a hormonal boost.By taking pine pollen you get many nutritious compounds such as :

  • Natural testosterone booster contains Androstenedione, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Testosterone
  • 18 amino acids and 15 vitamins and 30 minerals
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), MSM, Alpha-Linolenic Acid,Reservatrol
  • Contains Glutathione transferase

Do we need to increase our testosterone?

I would say yes. The way we are living today has not been nice on male and female testosterone levels and all over the world we see a rapid decline. This has to do with all artificial chemicals that we are exposed to through food, healthcare products, plastics, detergents and mold toxins (I recommend reding the book estrogeneration). This estrogen mimicking compounds destroy our performance make us fat , kills our libido and decrease fertility.

When we think about testosterone, we generally think of men, but women also need testosterone to function and the problem of estrogen dominance in females is quite common.

Because of this problem we at BHC will be focusing a lot on how to optimize hormones in a safe and legal way.

 We make a spagyric tincture to be able to bypass digestion and to give a better absorption of the Phyto-androgens. The spagyric extraction also brings the minerals back to the extract and increase bio-availability.

Our extract will balance the testosterone to estrogen ratio which could lead to benefits such as:

Support Lean Muscle Growth

Increase Sex-Drive, Libido, and Performance

Boost Overall Vitality

Boost Testosterone and Optimize Hormones Naturally

Boost the Immune System

Recover Quicker from Intense Exercise

The spagyric tincture is really something special and is extracted during vacuum to lower the boiling point and in that way protect as many of the precious and nutrious compounds in the tincture.

Studies on Pine pollen:

Unnatural light and its health effects. (Swedish version below text)


We spend more and more time under unnatural light and at the same time we reduce the time we are outdoors. Unnatural light is defined in this article as light from LED illumination from screens or fluorescent lights from low energy lamps and fluorescent light tubes and focusing on the blue spectrum in the wavelength of approximately 400-500 nm.

However, overexposure to unnatural light is something that can lead to health problems, but few people are aware of this. This article aims to deduce to research focusing on these health issues and the article will also try to provide tips on how to safeguard yourself best from these light sources.

The Circadian Rhythm

In order to understand the dangers of unnatural light and the importance of the natural light as part of our built-in biological clock, the circadian rhythm must be mentioned.The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2017 went to Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young for their discoveries of molecular mechanisms that govern the circadian rhythm. So what does the circadian rhythm mean and how are we affected? All of our cells in the body control this 24 hour system that initiates the various biological processes at the right time. Secretion  of hormones is something that follows this 24 hour cycle. In this 24 hour cycle, the sun plays an important role. The sun will change in color spectrum during the day and give our body signals of what’s going to happen.

Before we wake up, we will secret cortisol vi our adrenals to wake us up. Cortisol is often something that is associated with stress and has a slightly negative sound but cortisol is vital for giving us mental drive and energy. In the morning  the sun emits a slightly redder spectrum. Red light is known to have several health benefits and helps us to gain energy and  heal the body.

During the day, the light spectrum shifts towards a bluer tone that signals the alertness in our body, and then fall back into a reddish spectrum that gives us a signal that it is time for rest. The sleeping hormone melatonin is also controlled by this rhythm in the morning when our cortisol levels increase melatonin levels will decrease and in the evening, our production of melatonin is increased again.

Blue light and disturbed circadian rhythm.

Melatonin secretion begins in the evening when the body feels it’s  time for rest. But what happens if the rhythm is messed up? Blue light signals  alertness and it has been found in a number of studies that the blue light can change our biological clock. In case of excessive exposure of blue light and lack of natural light, our natural rhythm will be disturbed. When this rhythm is broken, melatonin production decreases and our sleep can be disturbed. Being awake longer will also increase cortisol secretion which can lead to other problems such as obesity and lower levels of testosterone and growth hormone.

Poor or disturbed sleep will short-term lead to adverse effects on mood and cognitive ability. Long-term effects of poor sleep can lead to increased risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental health problems.

Blue light and eye problems

Excessive exposure to blue light has also been shown to be harmful to the eyes. The short wavelength of the blue light is very energy-intensive for the eyes. Some studies have shown that the blue light causes damage to the retina and the macula. There are even doctors talking about a generation of macular degeneration due to excessive screen exposure. Worth adding are our children’s eyes are even more sensitive to blue light.

My solutions

• Be sure to get more natural light to restore the natural rythm. Be sure to go out when it is sunny. I usually try to catch some morning sun if possible.

• Reduce screen and TV time. Get fixed routines about how much screen time you allow yourself.

• Block blue light with glasses and screen filters. Blue blocking glasses are something I use every day especially in the afternoon. There are many apps that can help reduce the blue light from mobile phone or computer. I use F.lux on my computer and always have the mobile in night-shift mode

• Replace low energy, LED and fluorescent lamps in the home I use standard bulbs or halogen lamps .i use a bulb that blocks blue light in my bedroom.

• Use candles or red lights to balance the blue light. I use red light and infrared light daily. Lighting candles in the evening when watching TV is also a great way to balance the blue light

• Take a clean lab tested omega 3 source our eyes contains  loads of DHA fatty acids.

•Use Supplements  that contain Lutein and Zeaxanthin


Onaturligt ljus och dess Hälsoeffekter


Vi spenderar mer och mer tid under onaturligt ljus och samtidigt så minskar vi den tid som vi är utomhus. Onaturligt ljus definieras i denna artikel som ljus från LED belysning från skärmar eller fluorescerande ljus från lågenergilampor och lysrör med fokus på det blåa spektrumet som ligger i våglängden 380-500nm. Att överexponering av onaturligt ljus är något som kan leda till hälsoproblem är det dock få som känner till. Denna artikel har avsikten att härleda till forskning som fokuserar på dessa hälsoproblem och artikeln kommer även försöka ge tips för hur man kan skydda sig bäst från dessa ljusa källor.

Cirkadiska Rytmen


För att förstå farorna med onaturligt ljus och vikten av det naturliga ljuset som en del av vår inbyggda biologiska klocka så måste den cirkadiska rytmen nämnas. Nobelpriset i fysiologi eller medicin 2017 gick till Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash och Michael W. Young för deras upptäckter av molekylära mekanismer som styr den cirkadiska rytmen.Så vad innebär den cirkadiska rytmen och hur påverkas vi av den? Alla våra celler i kroppen styrs av detta 24 timmars system som sätter igång de olika biologiska processerna vid rätt tidpunkt. Utsöndring av hormoner är något som följer denna 24 timmars cykel. I denna 24 timmars cykel så spelar solen en viktig roll solen kommer skifta i färgspektrum under dagen och ge vår kropp signaler om vad som skall hända. Innan vi vaknar så utsöndras kortisol för att väcka oss. Kortisol är ofta något som förknippas med stress och har en något negativ klang men kortisol är livsnödvändigt för att ge oss drivkraft och energi .På morgonen ger solen oss ett något rödare spektrum. Rött ljus är känt för att ha flera hälsofördelar och hjälper oss att få energi och hela kroppen. Under dagen skiftar ljusspektrumet mot en blåare ton som signalerar vakenhet i vår kropp för att sedan under kvällen falla tillbaka till ett rödare spektrum som ger oss signal att det är dags för vila. Sömn hormonet melatonin styrs även av denna rytm på morgonen när våra kortisol nivåer går upp så minskar melatonin nivåerna och på kvällen kommer vår produktion av melatonin öka.


Blått ljus och rubbad dygnsrytm.

Melatonin utsöndring börjar på kvällen när kroppen känner att det är dags för vila. Men vad händer om rytmen är rubbad? Blått ljus signalerar vakenhet och det har visat sig i ett flertal studier att det blåa ljuset kan ändra vår biologiska klocka. Vid överdriven exponering av blått ljus samt brist på naturligt ljus kommer vår naturliga rytm rubbas. När denna rytm rubbas minskar melatoninproduktionen och vår sömn kan bli störd. Att vara vaken längre kommer även att ge mer kortisolutsöndring vilket kan leda till andra problem som övervikt och lägre nivåer av testosteron och tillväxthormon. Dålig eller rubbad sömn kommer kortsiktigt leda till negativa effekter på humör och kognitiv förmåga. långsiktiga effekter av dålig sömn kan leda till ökad risk för diabetes, hjärt och kärlsjukdomar samt psykiska problem.

Blått ljus och ögonproblem

Överdriven exponering för blått ljus har även visats kunna vara skadligt för ögonen. Den korta våglängden på det blåa ljust är mycket energikrävande för ögonen. Vissa studier har visat att det blåljuset ger skador på näthinnan och gula fläcken. Det finns tom läkare som pratar om en generation som kommer få förstörda ögon pga. av överdriven skärmexponering. Värt att tillägga är våra barns ögon är ännu mer känsliga för blått ljus.



Mina lösningar

  • Se till att få mer naturligt ljus för att återställa den naturliga rytmen. Passa på att gå ut när det är soligt. Jag brukar försöka fånga lite morgonsol om möjligt.


  • Reducera skärm och TV tid. Skaffa fasta rutiner kring hur mycket skärmtid du tillåter dig själv.


  • Blockera blått ljus med glasögon och skärmfilter. Blåljus glasögon är något som jag använder varje dag särskilt på eftermiddagen. Det finns många appar som kan hjälpa till att reducera det blåljuset från mobiltelefon eller dator. Jag använder F.lux på datorn och har alltid mobilen i nightshift mode


  • Byt ut lågenergi, led och lysrör i hemmet.Jag använder vanliga glödlampor eller halogenlampor samt en glödlampa som blockerar blått ljus i mitt sovrum.


  • Använd levande ljus eller rött ljus för att balansera ut det blåa ljuset. Jag använder rött ljus och infrarött ljus dagligen. Att tända levande ljus på kvällen när du kollar på tv är även ett bra sätt att balansera ut det blåa ljuset


  • Ta en ren labbtestad omega 3 källa ögonen består till stor del av DHA


  • Supplementera med tillskott som innehåller Lutein och Zeaxanthin

Rock the body right biohack

Bouncing babies

Rock and bounce your way to a better life. I am not talking rock music but the rocking of the body.
Looking at parents it’s a no-brainer that it works to soothe a child. Most people on this earth I believe have seen how the rocking of a baby in the arms of a parent helps to calm the child.

Adults bounce too

Even adults benefit from this type of rocking. Rocking of the body activates our parasympathetic system, namely our rest and digest system. Hence, rocking of the body helps us rest and recover better. When this system is used with the vestibular system gets we gets effects like; helping people with dementia, vertigo, increased mobility and pain management and improved recovery from surgery.

As a matter of fact, rocking chairs helped heart attack and stroke patients recover without permanent damage! This is according to  Dr. Heinrich Addleheim of the Kinetic Therapy Clinic. Who said “the body settles into a natural rhythm that harnesses incredible powers of recuperation and regeneration. We’ve seen cases of patients recuperating from heart attack and stroke – without any trace of permanent damage – simply because they used a rocking chair while they were recovering. I’ve seen people bedridden with arthritis who were up and around inside a week after regular use of the rocking chair. It can be used to cure colds, flu, diabetes and even some types of cancer. It’s not just a piece of furniture – it’s a remarkable medical device”.
I have to say that it sounds quite amazing indeed.

Furthermore, The Rocking Chair Therapy website give even more suggestions of what a bit of rocking can do for you. I am going to try the vertical version which is called rebounding.


To rebound you need a trampoline. The claims are similar to what you get with a rocking chair. Which is why I am inclined to try. Increased ability to recovery will help you perform better. On a website called Cancer Tutor they claim that rebounding exercise all the cells of the body due to the acceleration and deceleration of bouncing on a trampoline. It also boosts the immune system because of increased lymphatic flow.
Not to mention that were a study from NASA that shows that rebounding is a lot more effective than runnning. Referring to the same things mentioned earlier, while also being safer.

All these claims sounds too good to be true, yet to me it seems logical. But like a true biohacker, I simply have to try!

This post will be updated as I learn more from rebounding articles and experience!

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“The Research – Rocking Chair Therapy.”

Hacking Your Genes Through Epigenetics and Targeted Nutrigenomics

Author: Daniel Rash (Biohackingdan/Geneticwarrior)

With new books and research being released each day stating which diet is the, “optimal” diet for human species, it can be quite confusing what to fill your plate up with nowadays. Is going ketogenetic the right move? What about paleo? Maybe I should go vegetarian or vegan after watching that latest documentary? I could probably write a whole paper on the different diet options that have been touted as, the best. The hard truth is that many of these so called, “health gurus” are simply trying to end up on the best seller’s section of the book store. With the thousands of nutrition and recipe books written within the last 20 years, you would think we would have the health crisis under control regarding obesity, weight loss, hormone health, mood disorders, however, this is not the case.

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Biohacking Tonsillitis

I’m 39 years of age and every second year i get tonsillitis, that’s been the case for as long as I can remember. This time was different though. It came back with a vengeance and was worse than ever.

If you’ve ever had tonsillitis, you surely know of the traditional western way of handling it. 1: Determining if the illness is; a. bacteria or b. virus.

In short, if a; eat antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and painkillers. If b; eat painkillers and anti-inflammatory. If treated tonsillitis comes back, or if you get peritonsillar abscess, the option is to remove the tonsils all together.

I would like to think that there are more alternatives that that.
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