Binaural beats, the musical neurohack

In the last piece I wrote, I showed that a mouth guard could increase your strength by 10% while also biohacking your breath. If interested to read that article please open it here

But what if I could biohack my brain? It is actually easier than you think. This hack might sound weird, pun intended but all you need are headphones to utilize the effects of Binaural Beats…

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A bite-size neurohack, literally!

That the brain is the boss of the body is nothing new. But how to trick this all powerful boss into making you stronger that is how you neurohack your workout.

A lot of neurohacks can be done without any equipment. But for the sake of simplicity and safety I will suggest that you buy a mouth guard. Why a mouth guard?

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Can you hack your balance?

My name is Tim Lind and I am passionately interested in how our brains affect our health. I want to prove how effective it is to use the brain and nervous system to improve our life. Brain or neurohacking can sometimes solve problems in less than a minute.

What is neurohacking? It is using your own body as a tool to adapt, modify or improve your bodily functions.

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