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That’s why we at BHC love Red Light Therapy!

What is red-light therapy and why is it a tool that can help you optimize your health? Red light therapy is something that has been a big thing in biohacking circles for a long time. I first came in contact with it via Ben Greenfield’s article in Mens Health Magazine (1). I started reading and found several published studies on the effects of exposure to red and infrared light. What I found was impressive there were several studies that showed the possibility for the cells to produce more energy using red light. This would in turn lead to several positive effects such as better skin lower inflammation, faster healing of injurys, etc.

The body’s energy currency is called ATP. Without ATP we would not be able to live. A part of this energy production is the citric acid cycle or the crebs cycle and the electron transport chain. Without making it too complicated, the food is broken as you eat down to nutrients that then pass a number of biochemical processes that eventually become the energy that drives us. This energy production is performed by our mitochondria, which are the power plants of the cells.

How does red-light therapy come into this complicated process?

 It seems that some of the electron transport chain is sensitive to light, especially red and infrared (2.) These mechanisms do not seem to be fully investigated, but the light seems to increase ATP production by an enzyme called Cytochrome c-oxidase.

More energy = more opportunities

 The red light does not penetrate so deeply into the skin but has been shown to have positive effects on the production of collagen. Red light can thus give you better and younger skin (3). The red light has also been shown to be effective for healing wounds and injuries (7). In order to have a more systemic effect, the use of infrared light which can penetrate deeper into the body but has the same effect on the energy production in the cells can be used in combination with the red light.

Will red / infrared light boost your testosterone levels?

 As I mentioned earlier, I used my panel primarily to boost my testosterone levels. It is difficult to just point to red light therapy as I have generally changed my entire lifestyle in recent years but from the first to the last measurement my levels today are about 2 to 3 times higher than before and when I use the lamp in the morning I can really feel its effects afterwards. There are also several studies done on the substance that show the possibility of increased testosterone levels. In a study from Korea, red light was used in rats and managed to increase their testosterone levels using red light with a wavelength around 670nm after four days (5). ) from 2018 concludes that red and infra red light can be used in male infertility and the light increases sperm mobility and chance of survival.

 There are also other areas where red light therapy has been shown to be effective

 • Inflammation (9)

• Increases cognitive ability and reduce symtoms of Alzheimer’s disease (8)

 • Hair growth (10)

• Increase athletic performance (11)

 • Treatment of underactive thyroid gland (12)

Red-light therapy from Biohacking collective

Most panels today in the market are expensive and adapted for professional use. We at biohacking collective decided to produce our own lamps because this is something we tested and believe in. We have launched two models for home use one is a panel of 45 w and the other is a lamp of 22.5 W. We hope to give you the benefits of red light therapy for a reasonable price. Our lamps have both red and infrared light with the wavelengths 660 and 880 Nm. These wavelengths are the ones that we found seem to have the greatest effect in the studies we read through during our work.


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ZebZebbas 5 Easy Daily Biohacks Everyone Can/Should Do


Biohacking doesn’t need to be complicated this are some  of my basic hacks you can do that will change an optimize your life to the better.


clean clear cold drinkDrink H2O
As soon as you wake up drink water (preferable filtered) and lots of it ,your body has been without hydration during the night and you have lost water during your sleep both from sweating and breathing.
Put a pinch of Celtic Sea salt or Himalayan salt into the water to get back some of the minerals and salts lost during the night.
I like to mix both Apple Cider vinegar and lemonjuice into my water. This will also except rehydrate your body also stimulate you bowel.

abstract beach bright clouds

Get Sunlight 
The body is full of photoreceptor’s ready to receive all spectrums of light.
The Suns natural bluelight will wake your mind up and adjust your circadian rhythm and the infrared light will stimulate your cells to create more energy. Do this upon waking up while you drinking your morning water and you will feel energized and alert during the day. And yes even on cloudy and cold days.


Shake or Drybrush
Stimulate the Lymphatic system by shaking your body, jumping up and down or using a drybrush. This will increase your blood circulation and get rid of toxins and waste fluids that’s been clogging up in your system and organs during the night make sure you drink lots of water afterwards to flush everything out.





Airplane mode
When possible turn your cellphone on airplane mode as often as you can ,not just for the decrease of EMF transmitted from the phone but also from the unnatural stress to always be reachable,social media etc.                              Have a certain time during the day and of course during evenings and always at night when you are phone free , people can always leave a voice message or send you a text.


Minimize stress by accepting that things are what they are 
If things happen during the day that get your cortisol or other negative hormonal stress reactions to increase.
Remember this- ask yourself if you can affect the situation ? If not …just accept the fact that things are the way they are, example – yes you will be late and there’s nothing you can do about it so why get extra stressed about the fact that your going to be late?!
just accept it and take a deep breath? This are small mindgames you can remind yourself of every time you feel that your getting stressed in situations you can’t affect ,this requires practice practice practice but after a while you will master it.


How to make your bedroom in to a perfect sleep sanctuary!(Hur man gör sitt sovrum till den ultimata sömnfristaden !)

We almost spend a third of our lives in bed or at least we should. Getting a good night sleep is one of the most important things in life. Good sleep doesn’t only make you perform better during the day but its also makes you healthier, leaner and if you have continuous good sleep it could actually increase your life span. So sleep is usually done in the same room every night this gives you big room to optimize this environment I will down below show my favorite bedroom hacks.

1. Get an air freshener or find plants that could improve the air quality of your bed room this of course becomes extra important if you live in a city like I do.This is the one that i prefer Air Oasis 1000G3 Filterless UV & Cold Plasma Ionization Purifier Reduces Allergens, Mold, Odors, Germs, Smoke

2. Pitch black room is the way to go. Even a small amount of light from electrical equipment or from street lights have been shown to disturb your sleep.

3. Sound is also an important factor try to use ear plugs if you can if not you could use a white noise generator which effectively will cancel out most of other noises

4. Remove as much of electrical equipment as possible from your sleeping area. Emf:s from your phone or dirty electricity from electronic devices are actually shown to be able to affect your sleep in a bad way.

5. I shut of my Wi-Fi at night and keep my cell phone in another room. If you use your cell phone as an alarm clock, buy a real old school alarm clock.I also use this Faraday cage for my router WiFi Router Guard – Blocks EMF Exposure

6. Find a real good bed made in natural materials and try to see that your bed is not treated with flame retardants. Also buy high quality sheets I use sheets of bamboo fiber or organic cotton.

7. Grounded sleep. Sleeping on grounded sheets will give you constant access to free electrons from the earth, the free electrons act as antioxidants and can help you lower inflammation and mitigate some of the risks from emf.This sheets i recommend but i dont recommend to connect them to electrical ground , i use water pipes as grounding point. Earthing Sheet Fitted Twin Size with Grounding Connection Cord, 400TC Conductive Mat with Pure Silver Thread for Better Sleep, Natural Wellness and Healthy Earth Energy, Natural Beige

8. If you have a TV in the bed room remove it. Watching TV and sleeping is not a good combo. The light from the screen and the program on it will keep your brain active when you should be focusing on winding down.

9. Temperature is also an important factor. By keeping your bed room slightly colder than the rest. The body’s coldest temperature is achieved during sleep if the room is to hot this will be disturbed and sleep quality will go down.If you suffer from high temperature in your bed room check this out ChiliPad Cube 2.0 – Single and Dual Zones – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad – Individual Temperature Control, Great Sleep Enhancement, Wireless Remote Integration (Single (75″ L x 30″ W))

10. Use of essential oils, I regularly use lavender oil which has been shown to have a calming effect on the mind. Go for an organic brand put drops on pillow or use some type of diffuser for essential oils.i use this diffuser Dr. Mercola Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 120V

Hur man gör sitt sovrum till en perfekt sömnfristad!

Vi spenderar nästan en tredjedel av våra liv i sängen eller åtminstone så borde vi det. Att få en god natts sömn är en av de viktigaste sakerna i livet. Bra sömn gör inte bara dig bättre under dagen men det gör dig också friskare, smalare och om du har kontinuerlig god sömn kan det öka din livslängd. Så sömn görs vanligtvis i samma rum varje kväll, vilket ger dig stort utrymme för att optimera denna miljö. Jag kommer nedanför att visa mina bästa sovrums hacks.

  1. Skaffa en luftrenare eller hitta växter som kan förbättra luftkvaliteten på ditt sovrum det här blir givetvis extra viktigt om du bor i en stad som jag gör.Detta är den bästa jag vet Air Oasis 1000G3 Filterless UV & Cold Plasma Ionization Purifier Reduces Allergens, Mold, Odors, Germs, Smoke
  2. Ett kolsvart rum är målet, även en liten mängd ljus från elektrisk utrustning eller från gatubelysning har visat sig störa din sömn
  3. Ljud är också en viktig faktor att försöka använda öronproppar om du kan om du inte kan använda en vit brusgenerator som effektivt kommer att hjälpa till att dämpa de flesta oönskade ljuden.
  4. Ta bort så mycket elektriska prylar som möjligt från ditt sovrum. Elektromagnetisk högfrekvent strålning (EMF)från din telefon eller smutsig el från elektroniska enheter visas faktiskt för att kunna påverka din sömn på ett dåligt sätt.
  5. Jag stänger av min Wi-Fi på natten och förvarar min mobiltelefon i ett annat rum under natten. Om du använder din mobiltelefon som väckarklocka, köp en riktig gammal väckarklocka av den gamla skolan.Jag använder även en en farraday bur runt min router för att sänka den farliga strålningen.WiFi Router Guard – Blocks EMF Exposure
  6. Hitta en riktigt bra säng gjord i naturmaterial och försök att se till att din säng inte behandlas med flamskyddsmedel. Köp även högkvalitativa lakan, jag använder lakan av bambufiber eller ekologisk bomull.
  7. Jordad sömn. Sova på jordade lakan ger dig kontinuerlig tillgång till fria elektroner från jorden, de fria elektronerna fungerar som antioxidanter och kan hjälpa dig att sänka inflammation och kan även mildra några av riskerna från EMF.Men se till at att jorda via vatten rör eller direkt jord inte via elsystemet.Earthing Sheet Fitted Twin Size with Grounding Connection Cord, 400TC Conductive Mat with Pure Silver Thread for Better Sleep, Natural Wellness and Healthy Earth Energy, Natural Beige
  8. Om du har en tv i sovrummet ta bort den. Titta på TV och sova är inte en bra kombination. Ljuset från skärmen och programmet på det kommer att hålla din hjärna aktiv när du ska fokusera på nedvarvning.
  9. Temperaturen är också en viktig faktor. Genom att hålla ditt sovrum lite kallare än resten av din bostad så kommer antagligen du sova bättre. Kroppens kallaste temperatur uppnås under sömnen om rummet är varmt det kommer att störas och sömnkvaliteten kommer att gå ner. Om du har det för varmt i sovrummet så rekomenderar jag att du kollar på ChiliPad Cube 2.0 – Single and Dual Zones – Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad – Individual Temperature Control, Great Sleep Enhancement, Wireless Remote Integration (Single (75″ L x 30″ W))
  10. Användning av eteriska oljor, jag använder regelbundet lavendelolja som har visat sig ha en lugnande effekt på sinnet. Hitta ett ekologiskt märke och använd genom att droppa på kudden eller använd någon typ av diffuser för eteriska oljor.Jag använder denna Dr. Mercola Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser 120V

Hacking Your Genes Through Epigenetics and Targeted Nutrigenomics

Author: Daniel Rash (Biohackingdan/Geneticwarrior)

With new books and research being released each day stating which diet is the, “optimal” diet for human species, it can be quite confusing what to fill your plate up with nowadays. Is going ketogenetic the right move? What about paleo? Maybe I should go vegetarian or vegan after watching that latest documentary? I could probably write a whole paper on the different diet options that have been touted as, the best. The hard truth is that many of these so called, “health gurus” are simply trying to end up on the best seller’s section of the book store. With the thousands of nutrition and recipe books written within the last 20 years, you would think we would have the health crisis under control regarding obesity, weight loss, hormone health, mood disorders, however, this is not the case.

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Honest review of the new OURA ring


In the start of my biohacker journey sleep was a big priority and after doing a lot of work with improving my sleeping area and trying various hacks to sleep better i decided to start tracking my sleep to understand what was going on during the night. I started out with the regular sleep apps for smart phones but didn’t find them reliable. Then I started hearing about the OURA ring from a lot of people in the biohacker community. After a couple of months, I decided to get one. I have used the OURA ring and tracked my sleep for approximately 10 months and I really love it. When they launched their new ring with a good pre-order deal I decided to buy it.
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