Bhc presents spagyric Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha comes from the root of the plant Withania somnifera. Ashwagandha has been used traditionally in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Ashwagandha is often referred to as Indian ginseng. My first contact with this herb was approximately 8 years ago when I read about its possible effects in increasing testosterone. Since then I have studied this herb more and have included it in my stack of must have herbs.

We at biohacking collective have decided to make our own version and this is something really unique. As with our other tinctures this is a spagyrical extraction done in sub atmospheric conditions. The low pressure reduces the demand of heat and keeps all the valuable plant compounds from being destroyed in the process. The next step in this process includes the reintroduction of the purified minerals from the ash of the plant. This makes this tincture extra bio available and potent. The tincture is also nano emulsified with ultrasonic technology to make it even more easily accessible to the body.

So which are the main benefits of ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha has adaptogenic properties this means that it can modulate and help regulate certain processes in the body. The main thing for me when I look at the literature seems to be the reduction in stress by lowering cortisol levels in the blood (1). Cortisol acts as an antagonist to testosterone so decreased cortisol will help keeping the testosterone levels high.

Ashwagandha also seems to help with other stress markers and I found this interesting study showing that it could help against stress related male infertility (2).

There is also studies that shows that Ashwagandha could help with increasing muscle strength (2). In this study 57 males were included in the age between 18-50. Subjects in the treatment group consumed 300 mg of ashwagandha root extract twice daily, while the control group consumed starch placebos. The groups were using resistance exercise for 8 weeks and then the results were measured. And strength had increased more in the group taking 300mg of Ashwagandha daily, however muscle size hadn’t increased compared to the control group.

The final study I looked at is about Ashwagandha effects on the immune system. In this study the saw an increase in both T-cells and natural killer cells after ingestion of Ashwagandha (4). (1) ( 2) ( 3) (4)

Hack your sleep with blue light blocking glasses.

 Too much blue light has been shown to disrupt your sleep rhythm and be detrimental to your health. The harm is done primarily through disturbances of the biological clock (1), but the high energy intensity of the blue light has also been shown to be potentially harmful to the eye and its function (2).To counteract the effects of blue light from screens, we at Biohacking Collective have developed our own glasses that block up to 96% of the blue spectrum.

Is blue light dangerous or why should I block this light?

Blue light is not dangerous and can also be useful and energizing for us. But here it is a lot about the right time of day and about finding a balance that works with the natural light cycle. Exposing yourself to blue light in the morning or in the morning is something that naturally signals alertness. But sitting in front of screens in an indoor environment with fluorescent lamps gives us far too much exposure of the blue spectrum. This large amount of blue light can cause eye strain and fatigue, which in the long run can lead to premature aging of the eye, so-called age-related degradation of the yellow spot (3).When you sit in front of the screen in the afternoon or evening, you will fool the brain into thinking that it is still day. This can lead to reduced melatonin production which in turn can lead to problems with sleep or reduced sleep quality.

The solution to this is either to reduce screen time before bedtime or to try to filter out the blue spectrum from the light. By wearing blue light glasses from Biohacking Collective, you can be sure that you are not exposed to too much harmful blue light. We recommend using that model with orange lenses about 3-4 hours before going to bed to optimize your sleep. Of course, this will not solve all your problems if you have insomnia but can be a step on the way.

What is blue light?

The sun’s light contains blue, red, yellow, green and orange light rays. Where visible light (700nm-380nm) goes from red to blue. Red light is the one that contains the least energy and blue is the most energy intensive within the visible spectrum. Blue light (380-500nm) is thus very energy intensive. This energy intensity means that more energy is required for the eyes to process the blue light.It has been found in several studies that this light intensity can lead to eye problems (5). These eye problems can eventually lead to rapid Age-Related Macular Disease.

Blue light and sleep.

Our sleep and the secretion of the sleep hormone melatonin is controlled by our naturally built clock so-called. the circadian rhythm (4). Melatonin production is regulated by the pineal gland which in turn is controlled by the body’s circadian rhythm. When we expose ourselves to blue light in the evening, this will inhibit our production of this important sleep hormone. Which in turn leads to poorer quality of sleep. However, there are also other effects of lower melatonin production as melatonin in turn breaks down into other important substances that can act as antioxidants (6).

(1)Hatori, M., Gronfier, C., Van Gelder, R. N., Bernstein, P. S., Carreras, J., Panda, S., Marks, F., Sliney, D., Hunt, C. E., Hirota, T., Furukawa, T., … Tsubota, K. (2017). Global rise of potential health hazards caused by blue light-induced circadian disruption in modern aging societies. NPJ aging and mechanisms of disease, 3, 9. doi:10.1038/s41514-017-0010-2

(2)Tosini, G., Ferguson, I., & Tsubota, K. (2016). Effects of blue light on the circadian system and eye physiology. Molecular vision, 22, 61-72.

(3) Z.-C. ZhaoY. ZhouG. TanJ. Li.  Research progress about the effect and prevention of blue light on eyes December 2018

(4)Figueiro, M. G., & Rea, M. S. (2010). The effects of red and blue lights on circadian variations in cortisol, alpha amylase, and melatonin. International journal of endocrinology, 2010, 829351.


(6) Anna-Rebekka Ressmeyer, Juan C. Mayo, Veronika Zelosko, Rosa M. Sáinz, Dun-Xian Tan, Burkhard Poeggeler, Isaac Antolín, Beata K. Zsizsik, Russel J. Reiter & Rüdiger Hardeland (2003) Antioxidant properties of the melatonin metabolite N1-acetyl-5-methoxykynuramine (AMK): scavenging of free radicals and prevention of protein destruction, Redox Report, 8:4, 205-213, DOI: 10.1179/135100003225002709

How managing your deuterium levels can optimize performance and longevity.

So many of you are probably asking yourself, what the hell is deuterium? Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen. This form of hydrogen is containing one neutron and one proton. Compared to a normal hydrogen atom which only contains one proton, and this makes deuterium heavier. Deuterium is used in some nuclear applications as a moderator in heavy water reactors. In the process of making heavy water you also get deuterium depleted water (DDW) as a by-product.

Deuterium and energy production in the body

Most of the research on deuterium and the effects on the body originates from eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. This research began as a search for the reason for why some regions in Siberia had a higher number of centenarians. Their investigations led to examine the water the people were drinking. The glacial melt water showed to have 15-20% lower amounts of deuterium compared to “normal water “. In 1966 the Russian scientist published  Biological Role of Heavy Water in Living Organisms and in the book they discussed the potential benefits of DDW. Their research showed that mice fed water with higher concentrations of deuterium got smaller offspring and lost their reproductive capacity. In another experiment mice that was fed glacial melt water had the adverse effect. This resulted in faster growth and higher sexual function compared to the high deuterium group.

During this time, it was also found that our mitochondria has nanomotors than spins about 9000 rpm(faster than many sports cars). The mitochondria are responsible for all of our energy production. The energy produced in the body is called ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) and this nanomotor has a crucial role in the generation of ATP. This motor is not really a motor but rather an enzyme acting as a motor called ATP-synthase.

This “nano motors “shuffles hydrogen ions through the proton channel and this generates ATP se fig 1.

Figure 1 Mitochondrial nano motor ATP -synthase

It is also here in this nano motor that deuterium becomes a problem. In a simple way we could say that deuterium due to its heaviness get stuck in the nano motor and eventually can destroy them. This inhibition of the nano motors function could lead to less energy being produced and mitochondrial dysfunction. Mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to over 100 different diseases.

For me it’s quite obvious that lower energy production in the body leads to less energy for all processes and this could lead to problems like fatigue and eventually disease.   

How to optimize your lifestyle to lower deuterium.

    Luckily there are multiple of hacks and lifestyle changes that you can apply to lower your deuterium levels. The body does by itself detoxify deuterium and it also makes its own DDW in the cells so called “metabolic water”. There are also different deuterium levels in foods so by eating low deuterium foods you can manage your levels quite good. Generally, we could say that all forms of mitochondrial improvement will mitigate the problems derived from high deuterium levels.

  • Drinking deuterium depleted water. This water is one of the fastest ways to aid the body in getting rid of excess deuterium. This water is quite expensive because of the high cost of production. The good part is that you only need to drink it 1-3 months per year. I use Preventa which is a Hungarian company that has a food grade DDW facility. I get mine from this shop
  • Make your own metabolic water by fasting or dry fasting. Fasting or dry fasting will break down fats in the body. In the process of breaking down fats you also free stored water from your fat cells. This metabolic water is naturally low in deuterium.
  • Do a ketogenic or a carnivore diet. Ketogenic or carnivore diets are low in carbohydrates. Deuterium are usually stored in the sugary parts of the food. By eliminating carbohydrates, you will get less deuterium in to the system. Also, by eating high fat foods you also teach your body to become efficient in oxidizing fats which will help to ramp up the production of metabolic water.
  • Get out in the sun or use red light therapy. We know that red light or infra-red light can help with ATP production. Also, red light can change the viscosity of the water in the cells and by this making the energy production less friction less. Get our red-light panel here.
  • Avoid GMO foods and meat that has been fed grains. GMO foods are modified to grow faster and usually contains higher amounts of deuterium.
  • Drink hydrogen water the hydrogen gas will push out the deuterium
  • Use oxygen or ozone therapies to oxygenate the body. Oxygen binds deuterium and can help with lowering your total deuterium load
  • Cold therapy can improve mitochondrial function and increase your fat burning or conversion of white fat into brown fat.
  • Sleep well, the body detoxifies deuterium during sleep

Sources and links for further reading:



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Lions Mane ett balsam för din hjärna

Vi kan stolt presentera vår senaste produkt som är ett trippel extraherat extrakt av svampen Lions mane. Med trippel extrahering menar  vi att den först har vattenextraherats sedan alkohol extraherats och sist har en spagyrisk extraktion utförts. Denna process utförs för att se till att alla de viktiga ämnena kommer med i extraktet. Extraktion är en 4:1 alltså 4 delar torrt material gav 1kg extrakt.

Varför Lions mane?

Lions mane är verkligen en fantastisk svamp med otroliga egenskaper. Den har använts inom både kinesik och japansk medicin och sågs som en källa till ett långt liv och visdom. Det finns många studier som visar på positiva fördelar med att ta lions mane och de viktigaste komponenterna är beta glukaner och polysackarider. Dessa komponenter tror man är ansvariga för de skyddande effekterna som svampen kan ha på hjärna och immunsystem (1).

Lions Mane och hjärnan

Det har i flera studier visat sig att Lions mane kan skydda vår hjärna och även kan bidra till att underlätta till skapandet av nya hjärnceller.I en studie på möss visade det sig att ämnena från svampen ökade ett ämne som heter Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) (2). Detta ämne har visat sig kunna stimulera tillväxt i nervsystetmet och studien visade positiva resultat i att förbätrar minne och kognitiv förmåga. Man ansåg även att detta skulle kunna vara en potentiell behandlig för att mot verka tidiga symtom på demens.

I en Japansk studie på äldre personer med nedsatt kognitiv förmåga så gav lions mane  också en märkbar effekt vid ett intag på ca 3g per dag (3). Dock så avtog effekten några veckor efter intag hade avslutats.

Det finns även studier som påvisar en effekt mot ångest och depression.I en studie så visade det sig att lionsmane öker aktiviteten i hippocampus och stimulerar tillväxt av hjärnceller.Hippocampus är både ansvarig för minne och vissa känslomässiga reaktioner.Så tillväxt i detta centra skulle potentiellt kunna leda till bättre kontroll av känslomässiga reaktioner (4).

Lions Mane resten av vår kropp.

Lions mane är inte bara ett balsam för vår hjärna den har även många andra fina egenskaper.

  • Kan boosta ditt immunförsvar. Det har visat sig att Lions man e kan öka antal T-celler och Makrofager (5).
  • Anti canceregenskaper genom att aktivera vissa delar av immunsystemet (6).
  • Antiinflammatoriska effekter (7).
  • Hjärt hälsa genom balansering av kolesterolnivåer(8).
  • Blodsocker reglerande (9).

Biohacking collective Lions Mane

Vår produkt är framtagen med största omsorg och processen som vi använder är unik vi vill verkligen bevara så många som möjligt av de verksamma ämnena. Lions mane är något vi använt länge och vi har testat många produkter på marknaden. Vi kan stolt säga att det finns ingen produkt som vår på marknaden. Så hoppas verkligen ni blir nöjda. Klicka här för att komma till vår shop.

(1)Hericium erinaceus: an edible mushroom with medicinal values.

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(3) Improving effects of the mushroom Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus) on mild cognitive impairment: a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial.

(4) Hericium erinaceus Extract Reduces Anxiety and Depressive Behaviors by Promoting Hippocampal Neurogenesis in the Adult Mouse Brain.

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(9) Structures, biological activities, and industrial applications of the polysaccharides from Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) mushroom: A review.

That’s why we at BHC love Red Light Therapy!

What is red-light therapy and why is it a tool that can help you optimize your health? Red light therapy is something that has been a big thing in biohacking circles for a long time. I first came in contact with it via Ben Greenfield’s article in Mens Health Magazine (1). I started reading and found several published studies on the effects of exposure to red and infrared light. What I found was impressive there were several studies that showed the possibility for the cells to produce more energy using red light. This would in turn lead to several positive effects such as better skin lower inflammation, faster healing of injurys, etc.

The body’s energy currency is called ATP. Without ATP we would not be able to live. A part of this energy production is the citric acid cycle or the crebs cycle and the electron transport chain. Without making it too complicated, the food is broken as you eat down to nutrients that then pass a number of biochemical processes that eventually become the energy that drives us. This energy production is performed by our mitochondria, which are the power plants of the cells.

How does red-light therapy come into this complicated process?

 It seems that some of the electron transport chain is sensitive to light, especially red and infrared (2.) These mechanisms do not seem to be fully investigated, but the light seems to increase ATP production by an enzyme called Cytochrome c-oxidase.

More energy = more opportunities

 The red light does not penetrate so deeply into the skin but has been shown to have positive effects on the production of collagen. Red light can thus give you better and younger skin (3). The red light has also been shown to be effective for healing wounds and injuries (7). In order to have a more systemic effect, the use of infrared light which can penetrate deeper into the body but has the same effect on the energy production in the cells can be used in combination with the red light.

Will red / infrared light boost your testosterone levels?

 As I mentioned earlier, I used my panel primarily to boost my testosterone levels. It is difficult to just point to red light therapy as I have generally changed my entire lifestyle in recent years but from the first to the last measurement my levels today are about 2 to 3 times higher than before and when I use the lamp in the morning I can really feel its effects afterwards. There are also several studies done on the substance that show the possibility of increased testosterone levels. In a study from Korea, red light was used in rats and managed to increase their testosterone levels using red light with a wavelength around 670nm after four days (5). ) from 2018 concludes that red and infra red light can be used in male infertility and the light increases sperm mobility and chance of survival.

 There are also other areas where red light therapy has been shown to be effective

 • Inflammation (9)

• Increases cognitive ability and reduce symtoms of Alzheimer’s disease (8)

 • Hair growth (10)

• Increase athletic performance (11)

 • Treatment of underactive thyroid gland (12)

Red-light therapy from Biohacking collective

Most panels today in the market are expensive and adapted for professional use. We at biohacking collective decided to produce our own lamps because this is something we tested and believe in. We have launched two models for home use one is a panel of 45 w and the other is a lamp of 22.5 W. We hope to give you the benefits of red light therapy for a reasonable price. Our lamps have both red and infrared light with the wavelengths 660 and 880 Nm. These wavelengths are the ones that we found seem to have the greatest effect in the studies we read through during our work.













Därför gillar vi på BHC Rödljusterapi!

Vad är rödljusterapi och varför är det ett verktyg som kan hjälpa dig att optimera din hälsa?  Rödljus terapi är något som varit stort i biohacking kretsar länge och jag kom först i kontakt med det via Ben Greenfields artikel i Mens Health Magazine (1).

Artikeln handlade användande   av UV-ljus och rött ljus för  att optimera testosteron nivåerna i kroppen. Jag började läsa och hittade flera publicerade studier gjorda på effekterna av exponering av rött och infrarött ljus. Det jag hittade var imponerande det fanns ett flertal studier som visade på möjligheten för cellerna att producera mer energi med hjälp av rött ljus. Detta skulle i sin tur leda till ett flertal positiva effekter såsom finare hy lägre inflammation snabbare läkande av skador mm.

Kroppens energi valuta heter ATP. Utan ATP så skulle vi inte kunna leva. Ett led i denna energiproduktion är citronsyrecykeln eller krebbscykeln   och elektrontransportkedjan. Utan att göra det det för komplicerat så bryts maten som du äter ner till näringsämnen som sedan passerar ett flertal biokemiska reaktioner som slutligen blir den energi som driver oss. Denna energiproduktion utförs av våra mitokondrier som är cellernas kraftverk.

Hur kommer då rödljusterapi in i denna komplicerade process?

Det verkar vara så att en del av elektrontransportkedjan är känslig för ljus särskilt rött och infrarött (2.).Dessa mekanismer verkar inte vara helt utredda men ljuset verkar öka ATP produktionen genom ett enzym i elektrontransportkedjan som heter Cytokrom c-oxidas.

Mer energi = mer möjligheter

Det röda ljuset tränger inte så djupt ner i huden men har visat sig ha positiva effekter på produktion av kollagen. Rött ljus kan alltså ge dig bättre och yngre hud (3). Det röda ljuset har också visat sig vara effektivt för läkning av sår och skador (7). För att få en mer djupgående effekt så är det infrarött ljus som gäller detta ljus kan penetrera djupare in i kroppen men har samma effekt på energiproduktionen i cellerna.

Kan rött/infrarött ljus boosta dina testosteron nivåer

Som jag nämnde tidigare så använde jag min panel primärt för att boosta mina testosteron nivåer. Det är svårt att bara peka på rödljusterapi då jag generellt har ändrat hela min livsstil de senaste åren men från första till sista mätning så ligger mina nivåer idag ca 2 till 3 gånger högre än innan och när jag använder lampan på morgonen så kan jag verkligen känna dess effekter efteråt.

Det finns även ett flertal studier gjorda på ämnet som visar möjligheten till ökade testosteron nivåer. I en studie från  Korea så använde man rött ljus på råttor och lyckades öka deras testosteron nivåer med hjälp av  rött ljus med våglängd runt 670nm efter fyra dagar (5).I studien ” Effectiveness of low level laser therapy for treating male infertility”(6) från  2018 drar slutsatsen att rött och infra rött ljus kan användas vid manlig infertilitet och ljuset ökar spermiernas rörlighet och chans till överlevnad.

Det finns även andra områden där rödljusterapi visat sig vara effektivt

  • Inflammation (9)
  • Ökar den kognitiva förmågan och lindra besvär vid Alzheimers (8)
  • Hårväxt (10)
  • Uthållighet (11)
  • Behandling av underaktiv sköldkörtel  (12)

Rödljusterapi från Biohacking collective

De flesta paneler idag på marknaden är dyra och anpassade för professionellt bruk. Vi på biohacking collective beslutade oss för att producera våra egna lampor för att detta är något vi testat och tror på.

Vi har lanserat två st. lampor för hemma bruk den ena är en panel på 45 w och den andra är en lampa på 22.5 W. Vi hoppas på att kunna ge er fördelarna från rödljusterapi för ett rimligt pris. Våra lampor har både rött och infrarött ljus med våglängderna 660 och 880 Nm. Dessa våglängder är de som vi funnit verkar ha störst effekt i de studier vi läst igenom under vårt arbete.Kolla in vår shop för att handla en panel eller lampa














BHC loves Pine pollen !

Image result for pine pollen history

Pine pollen is an amazing herb which has been used in Chinese medicine for around 1500 years. The pollen from pine holds a lot of nutrients and could be consider a natural multivitamin. But right now, pine pollen is most famous for its testosterone boosting benefits. When taken in powder form you get a lot of the vitamin and antioxidants but to really get the benefits from the Phyto -androgens you need an alcohol extract. This is because of that the androgens have low water solubility and that they must bypass the digestion system. With an alcohol extract taken directly under the tongue you will get instant absorption into the bloodstream via the many thin capillaries and blood vessels there. To get maximum benefits from pine pollen I use both powder and tincture. This gives me a both a vitamin and a hormonal boost.By taking pine pollen you get many nutritious compounds such as :

  • Natural testosterone booster contains Androstenedione, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and Testosterone
  • 18 amino acids and 15 vitamins and 30 minerals
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), MSM, Alpha-Linolenic Acid,Reservatrol
  • Contains Glutathione transferase

Do we need to increase our testosterone?

I would say yes. The way we are living today has not been nice on male and female testosterone levels and all over the world we see a rapid decline. This has to do with all artificial chemicals that we are exposed to through food, healthcare products, plastics, detergents and mold toxins (I recommend reding the book estrogeneration). This estrogen mimicking compounds destroy our performance make us fat , kills our libido and decrease fertility.

When we think about testosterone, we generally think of men, but women also need testosterone to function and the problem of estrogen dominance in females is quite common.

Because of this problem we at BHC will be focusing a lot on how to optimize hormones in a safe and legal way.

 We make a spagyric tincture to be able to bypass digestion and to give a better absorption of the Phyto-androgens. The spagyric extraction also brings the minerals back to the extract and increase bio-availability.

Our extract will balance the testosterone to estrogen ratio which could lead to benefits such as:

Support Lean Muscle Growth

Increase Sex-Drive, Libido, and Performance

Boost Overall Vitality

Boost Testosterone and Optimize Hormones Naturally

Boost the Immune System

Recover Quicker from Intense Exercise

The spagyric tincture is really something special and is extracted during vacuum to lower the boiling point and in that way protect as many of the precious and nutrious compounds in the tincture.

Studies on Pine pollen: