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Osteostrong the ultimate hack for your bones!

In Sweden and the Scandinavian countries osteoporosis is a very common issue. In fact, Sweden has the highest numbers of bone fractures caused by osteoporosis in the world (Bjärenäs, 2018). In Sweden the milk lobby has for many years promoted the slogan “milk gives stronger bones”. However, this is an oversimplified version of the truth and the reasons for the high numbers of osteoporosis are many. Calcium has an important role in bone health, but Calcium alone doesn’t build strong bones. The lack of sunlight makes vitamin D deficiency a common problem in Sweden. Vitamin D which really is not a vitamin, but a steroidal hormone plays a crucial role in in intestinal calcium absorption. If there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the bloodstream the uptake of calcium is reduced, and the body starts taking calcium from the skeletal tissue.

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