Can you hack your balance?

My name is Tim Lind and I am passionately interested in how our brains affect our health. I want to prove how effective it is to use the brain and nervous system to improve our life. Brain or neurohacking can sometimes solve problems in less than a minute.

What is neurohacking? It is using your own body as a tool to adapt, modify or improve your bodily functions.

The success of a neurohack depends on what level of dysfunction you have. Meaning, if you lack the appropriate strength, flexibility, balance or coordination to function or thrive in life you have some kind of dysfunction. Neurohacking can help alleviate or even remove some dysfunctions in matter of seconds.

Today we will check how to assess and correct your balance. The trick I am borrowing is from AMN Academy. A company that teaches a lot of courses for Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists and other health professionals. These courses often include some functional neurology or neurohacking.

To assess balance you can do the Sharpened Romberg test. Do perform the test you put the feet in a line. Think of a line going straight through the big toes (pic 1). Then you can either lift the arms in front of you or cross them. Close your eyes(pic 2). And the test have begun. If you can stand still it should mean that your balance is working as it should. If however you start falling or bending to one side it means that you have some kind of equilibrium dysfunction.

In order to fix a bend or falling to the right we do as following.

  1. Bounce up and down by lifting our heels
  2. Close our eyes
  3. Quickly turn our head to the right (left if you bend or fall that way)
  4. Slowly return the head to starting position and then repeat number 3 2-3 more
  5. Retest the balance and you should notice an improvement
  6. Smile, you just completed a neurohack.

If my instructions are not clear enough I hope my photos and videos help guide you through the neurohack.

(Pic 1 & 2)

I want to teach you lots of new ways to use the brain to hack yourself.